I am a sunlight chasing, animal squeezing, home chefing, garden digging, crystal wearing, aquaphile. Dustin, my wonderful husband, and I are parents to two lovable couch pups and two frisky kitties. During our down time, you can find us sampling the local food scene, scouring our favorite small business markets, searching for fish on our little skiff, or planning our next adventure! Whilst on our wanderings, we're keen to keep both eyes open for unique shoot locations and new friends. I was born and raised on the southeast coast, and I've called Charleston, SC my home as far back as I can remember. Growing up in such a cultured and diverse community has had a huge impact on my style. I consider my work to be warm, eclectic, and genuine much like the wonderful people of the area. 
While "taking photos" is as easy as pulling out a camera phone for a selfie these days, I believe booking a professional photographer is another thing entirely. It can often take courage to put yourself in front of another person, and choose to be seen through their lens. You may feel it a little or a lot, but there is a sense of vulnerability in it. That desire to take up space and to be commemorated, in my opinion, is the most beautiful form of self love. It is my honor to be trusted with that celebration of you, the beautifully crafted work of art, and to create the illustrations for your life's story.
The goal during our time together is to guide you in to an easygoing environment where you can be candid and authentic to represent you through my artistry. From start to finish it’s my priority to provide you a professional and fun experience to celebrate your story. This includes being legally licensed and insured. It’s my joy to snap and craft naturally lit, lifestyle photography for your every chapter. 

I hope to catch a dreamy golden hour with you soon! 

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Hey Y'all!
I'm Michelle





Acts of Service

Lavedar Lemonade, Chai

Tequila Shots

Tea Latte, or Black Tea (Always Iced)

13 (so far)

Childcare, design, hospitality




Myers Briggs:

Love Language:

Hogwarts House:

Coffee Order:

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Charleston Noms

Saltwater Cowboys - Waterfront

Frannie & The Fox - Italian

Toast All Day - Brunch

Bodega - Lunch

Kaminsky's - Dessert

Oku - Sushi

Lewis' BBQ - Best BBQ

Magnolia's - Classic Charleston

Charleston To Dos

Charleston City Market - Tons of local artists and crafters 

Charleston Pedi Cabs

Folly Beach - Best Beach

Waterfront park for people watching

The Watch - Rooftop Bar

Crabbing with Tia



whale sharks

black & purple


boating & fishing

farmers markets

trying new restaurants



Disney anything


road trips

Dustin (a.k.a The Hubsistant) is a Charleston native, born and raised. He prefers steak and potatoes over any food combo, enjoys getting hype over this favorite sports teams (Dallas Cowboys & Washington Capitals), is a deeply passionate animal advocate, and most of all, lives to be out on the water chasing fish. Though he is only seen assisting with sessions some of the time, he is a full time partner in the behind the scenes workings of Palmetto Snapshots. When he does join for a session, you can witness him carrying gear, setting up props, greeting clients, becoming best friends with everyones’ dogs, perfectly fluffing long gowns for added drama, and, of course, chumming it up with all the guy clients (even the reluctant ones).

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